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Support Team at DESY

Our support team at DESY offers support and services to the Helmholtz Imaging Community. Our most prominent services are Helmholtz Imaging Modalities and Storage. We work on requests submitted to the Helpdesk, on Collaborations, and directly support the Projects. Particular focus is on the early stages of the imaging pipeline. Research activities include development and application of deep learning methods for image analysis, e. g. segmentation, object detection and classification.

Portrait Dr. Philipp Heuser

Dr. Philipp Heuser

Head of
Support Team at DESY


Portrait Franz Rhee

Franz Rhee

Software Developer
Support Team at DESY

Portrait David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Software Developer
Support Team at DESY

Portrait Indira Tekkali

Indira Tekkali

Deep Learning Scientist
Support Team at DESY

Applied Computer Vision Lab DKFZ

The Applied Computer Vision Lab is dedicated to catalyzing research in Helmholtz and beyond through customized image analysis solutions. Specifically, we support researchers in the annotation of image data, build tailored AI algorithms to optimally solve their problems, provide out-of-the-box algorithms that can be applied across domains and strengthen algorithm development and evaluation landscape through dissemination of best practices and the organization of competitions.

Portrait Dr. rer. Nat. Fabian Isensee

Dr. rer. Nat. Fabian Isensee

Head of Applied Computer Vision Lab
Service Unit DKFZ

+49 6221 42 2353

Portrait Darya Trofimova

Darya Trofimova

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"

Portrait Sebastian Ziegler

Sebastian Ziegler

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"

Portrait Ali Emre Kavur

Ali Emre Kavur

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"

Portrait Lars Krämer

Lars Krämer

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"

Portrait Karol Gotkowski

Karol Gotkowski

Service Unit "Applied Computer Vision Lab and Helpdesk"

Support team at MDC

Our support team at MDC is developing generic image processing and analysis algorithms and tools. These tools are applied across all imaging scales from submolecular resolution to aerial remote sensing imagery. In order to provide a unified entry point for how to use these tools, we develop and maintain Helmholtz Imaging Solutions.

Portrait Kyle I. S. Harrington, Ph.D.

Kyle I. S. Harrington, Ph.D.

Head of Service Unit
Service Unit "Helmholtz Imaging Solutions"

Portrait Deborah Schmidt

Deborah Schmidt

Service Unit "Helmholtz Imaging Solutions"

Portrait Jan Philipp Albrecht

Jan Philipp Albrecht

Service Unit "HIP Solutions"

Science Unit DKFZ

Various challenges currently impede advanced AI technologies from directly benefiting society. The HI Science Unit at DKFZ pioneers research in three focus areas to address these challenges: 1) Advance to a deeper understanding and generalizability of algorithms (Focus Area Image Analysis), 2) Consider humans as an integral part of AI-application to enable reliable and safe deployment (Focus Area Human-Machine Interaction), and 3) Lead initiatives towards standardizing evaluation and benchmarking practices in the field and develop user-friendly tools to guide the community (Focus Area Validation Benchmarking).

Portrait Paul Jäger

Paul Jäger

Head of Interactive Machine Learning Group

Portrait Annika Reinke

Annika Reinke

Scientific Unit

Portrait Matthias Eisenmann

Matthias Eisenmann

Portrait Tassilo Wald

Tassilo Wald

PhD Student

Portrait David Zimmerer

David Zimmerer

PhD Student

Portrait Lukas Klein

Lukas Klein

PhD Student

Portrait Till Bungert

Till Bungert

PhD Student

Portrait Carsten Lüth

Carsten Lüth

PhD Student

Portrait Tim Rädsch

Tim Rädsch

PhD Student

Management Unit

We at the management unit of Helmholtz Imaging are responsible for the operation of the platform, the implementation of the strategy and the integration into the Helmholtz Association. In our team science and PR & outreach managers work hand in hand to coordinate the activities of the platform and the team play of its service and science units.
Organization of workshops and seminars, educational outreach, and the project funding line and facilitation of the meetings of the Helmholtz Imaging Steering Board and the Helmholtz Imaging Scientific Advisory Committee are just a few examples of how our team at DESY supports the community.


Portrait Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Scientific Coordinator

+49 40 8998 5527

Portrait Knut Sander

Knut Sander

Platform Manager

+49 40 8998 5526