Helmholtz Imaging Solutions include generalized solutions to tackle common imaging problems along the full pipeline, including algorithms, software packages, datasets, protocols, and specific executable apps.

Software tools for imaging used or developed by the Helmholtz Imaging community are listed here – we encourage imaging experts in Helmholtz to make sure their tools can be discovered by registering to the Modalities site and adding them as solutions.

In order to make it easier to replicate how scientific software is used across the whole imaging pipeline, executable Helmholtz Imaging Solutions are able to run a specific digital routine, even if it spreads across tools, languages, and diverse installation and usage strategies. This is based on a framework called Album, developed by the Helmholtz Imaging Solutions team. Each solution is a single Python file defining entry points for installing and running a solution, the virtual environment of the solution and metadata, like documentation and references. 

Executable Helmholtz Imaging Solutions can be preserved using existing containerization strategies and shared via catalogs. In collaborations, specific strategies for analyzing data are wrapped as executable Helmholtz Imaging Solutions and will soon be listed on the Helmholtz Imaging Modalities website to make them accessible to the whole community.

Other Services

Support Hub

The Support Hub is your gateway to the world of Helmholtz Imaging! Simply send an e-mail to and we will help you out. Any request is welcome, whether it is a question about administrative or imaging-related matters, consulting requests, project support, Helmholtz Imaging Collaborations or access to our portfolio.


Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT is the heart of the Helmholtz Imaging Network. Get to know the imaging experts from the Helmholtz Association, explore the amazing portfolio of cutting-edge instruments from satellites to synchrotrons, dive into the exciting world of imaging applications. Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT facilitates finding partners and collaborators for innovative projects, with just the right complementary expertise necessary to conduct research for grand challenges.

We want you! If you are affiliated to one of the Helmholtz Centers, we invite you to add your profile, your modalities and your applications to the website. Be Helmholtz Imaging!


Struggling with an imaging-related project? Apply for a Helmholtz Imaging Collaboration and tap into the expertise of Helmholtz Imaging! Collaborations enable you to team up with one of our units for an elongated period of time (up to 6 months or even longer) to work on a project together. Whether you require support in (AI-based) image analysis, image reconstruction, annotation, data management, software solutions, addressing inverse problems, developing novel imaging modalities, 3D visualization and more – we are your partner.

Software by HI

Helmholtz Imaging provides consultation regarding existing software or methods, and make these resources available as easy-to-use Helmholtz Imaging Solutions to standardize and simplify the process of finding the right software to your research questions. We also develop, provide and maintain our own open source software solutions, which address the most challenging research questions in imaging science. Contact us if you need support using one of our software solutions!