About us

Helmholtz Imaging’s mission is to unlock the potential of imaging in the Helmholtz Association. Image data provide a substantial part of data being generated in scientific research. Helmholtz Imaging is the overarching platform to better leverage and make accessible to everyone the innovative modalities, methodological richness, and data treasures of the Helmholtz Association.

For us, imaging is the whole process from data acquisition and data preparation to data management and data analysis. For this reason, we feel that the anchoring at the three host centers DESY, DKFZ and MDC is optimal to serve the entire imaging pipeline and jointly generate the greatest possible added value for the entire association. We are dedicated to making Helmholtz Imaging an internationally visible platform for imaging research.

Helmholtz Imaging is one of five platforms (HIDA, HIFIS, Helmholtz.AI and HMC) initiated by the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Incubator.

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People of Helmholtz Imaging

Group photo of the Helmholtz Imaging team
Image: Knut Sander

The Helmholtz Imaging team currently comprises 23 scientists, IT and management experts. It is supported by the Coordinators, the Steering Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The structure of Helmholtz Imaging is tailored to achieve our ambitious goals. We tackle imaging problems with 3 high-level research units, we foster cross-field creativity with our collaborative projects and we empower scientists through our Support Hub, trainings and workshops.

Our three support units improve scalability & availability of methods and we leverage synergies via our network and software solutions.

Helmholtz Imaging Partners

Helmholtz Imaging is a collaboration of the DESY, DKFZ and MDC.

The Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) is one of the world’s leading accelerator centers. DESY‘s research infrastructures include unique imaging facilities, featuring for example the brightest and shortest X-ray pulses and accelerated particles at record energies.

The German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) is a world’s leading cancer research center and the largest biomedical research institution in Germany. DKFZ offers the critical mass of leading scientists and excellent research infrastructures to provide a worldclass environment in imaging sciences.

The Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC) is an internationally renowned biomedical research center in Berlin. MDC is devoted to collaborative and interdisciplinary research, covering an entire range of imaging methods across several scales in space and time and levels of analysis.

The Helmholtz Incubator

Outstanding experts from all the Helmholtz Centers come together in this think tank and promote pioneering research through innovative projects and initiatives.

The Helmholtz Association’s broad spectrum of activities ranging from big data analytics, supercomputing, the entire data lifecycle and software development, right up to artificial intelligence and robotics means that it is in an excellent position in the field of processing and analyzing large and complex quantities of data. Diverse possibilities arise in individual disciplines, as well as through their interaction.


Working for Helmholtz Imaging means working for Germanys largest research organization: the Helmholtz Association. The Helmholtz Association has launched Helmholtz Imaging – an interdisciplinary platform which advances imaging modalities, methods and tools nationwide for all Helmholtz centers in collaboration with its external and university partners.

The collaborating centers DESY, DKFZ and MDC bring scientist and engineers in the Helmholtz Association together to promote and develop imaging science and to foster synergies across imaging modalities and applications within the Helmholtz Association. You will be working in one of our local teams, but being part of Helmholtz Imaging implies working together to generate the greatest possible added value for the imaging community at Helmholtz.

Look forward to unique working environments on our international research campuses. We particularly value appreciative interaction with each other and the well-being of our employees. You will benefit from our family-friendly and collegial atmosphere, our established health management, occupational pension provision and much more.

Here you can find current job offers and career opportunities at Helmholtz Imaging.