Published on 04.07.2024

Synergy AI Scientist in the Helmholtz Foundation Model Initiative at MDC for Helmholtz Imaging

Join our Research Unit at MDC! Apply by July 11, 2024 as a Synergy AI Scientist!


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Published on 04.07.2024

Research Software Architect at DESY for Helmholtz Imaging

Join our Support & Engineering Unit at DESY! Apply by July 31, 2024 as a Research Software Architect!


iPSC-derived sensory neurons as a patient specific model of neurotoxicity
Image: Christian Schinke, DZNE

Published on 17.10.2023

Open position: Adviser Data & Information Science

Apply by 7 November 2023 for this open position at the Head Office of the Helmholtz Assocation in Berlin!



Published on 13.09.2023

Research Data Architect for a Multi Center AI Moonshot Project

Apply for this position at DKFZ by 26 September 2023!


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Published on 20.07.2023

Open Postion: Postdoc in Machine Learning

Apply for the position as postdoctoral researcher in the field of machine learning! The application deadline is 14 August 2023.


Image: DZNE

Published on 28.10.2022

Student assistant wanted for Data Annotation for Deep Learning

Temporary assistance is needed for training of a deep learning algorithm.