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Wanted: Support for our research on Imaging Science Networks

Helmholtz Imaging is looking for support for our research on Imaging Science Networks.

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2nd AI-HERO HACKATHON On Energy Efficient AI - December 12-14th 2022

2nd AI-HERO HACKATHON On Energy Efficient AI featuring use cases from health & energy

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HMC Virtual Conference October 5th to 6th 2022

The first virtual conference of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) will take place 05 and 06...



The HelpDesk is your gateway to the world of Helmholtz Imaging! Simply send an e-mail and we will help you out. Any request is welcome, whether it is a question about administrative or imaging-related matters, consulting requests, project support, Helmholtz Imaging Collaborations or access to our portfolio.


Helmholtz Imaging Solutions provide software driven strategies for solving common problems across imaging domains and tools. In reality, being aware of a software solution for a scientific problem is often followed by a time-consuming process of figuring out how to install the specific tool and how to precisely use it to reproduce a published result. We provide a framework to unify and simplify this process. Additionally, we curate a catalog of Helmholtz Imaging Solutions developed within our community.


Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is the heart of the Helmholtz Imaging Network. Get to know the imaging experts from the Helmholtz Association, explore the amazing portfolio of cutting-edge instruments from satellites to synchrotrons, dive into the exciting world of imaging applications. Helmholtz Imaging Modalities facilitates finding partners and collaborators for innovative projects, with just the right complementary expertise necessary to conduct research for grand challenges.


Struggling with an imaging-related project? Apply for a Helmholtz Imaging Collaboration and tap into the expertise of Helmholtz Imaging! Collaborations enable you to team up with one of our units for an elongated period of time (up to 6 months or even longer) to work on a project together. Whether you require support in (AI-based) image analysis, image reconstruction, annotation, data management, software solutions, addressing inverse problems, developing novel imaging modalities, 3D visualization and more - we are your partner.


Helmholtz Imaging Projects are granted to cross-disciplinary research teams that identify innovative research topics at the intersection of imaging and information & data science, initiate cross-cutting research collaborations, and thus underpin the growth of the Helmholtz Imaging network. Discover our outstanding projects or apply for the annual call.


Helmholtz Imaging captures the world of science. Discover unique data sets, ready-to-use software tools, and top-level research papers.

The platform’s output originates from our research groups as well as from projects funded by us, theses supervised by us and collaborations initiated through us. Altogether, our publications showcase the whole diversity of Helmholtz Imaging.

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Highlight Projects

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Ultra Content Screening for Clinical Diagnostics and Deep Phenotyping

A method will be developed in which selected biomarkers in tumour and bone marrow cells from cancer patients will be examined and analysed automatically. The novel technology is based on ultra content screening technology, which allows detailed insights at the single cell level.

Image of a landslide

Multi-Satellite imaging for Space-based Landslide Occurrence and Warning Service

In order to detect impending landslides before they occur and to enable reliable emergency mapping after a landslide, the researchers are combining optical data with radar data from satellites. Using machine learning methods, computers will be trained to recognise the tiniest of changes in things like sloping landscape surfaces.

Double image showing nanoparticles under electronic microscope in black and white and coloured

Leveraging Cross-Domain Synergies for Efficient Machine Learning of Nanoscale Tomogram Segmentation

The aim is to develop an adaptable algorithm that can be used to perform different tasks in data and image analysis without needing to be trained with new, laboriously annotated images for each separate task.

About Us

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Helmholtz Imaging's mission is to unlock the potential of imaging in the Helmholtz Association. Image data provide a substantial part of data being generated in scientific research. Helmholtz Imaging is the overarching platform to better leverage and make accessible to everyone the innovative modalities, methodological richness, and data treasures of the Helmholtz Association.

For us, imaging is the whole process from data acquisition and data preparation to data management and data analysis. For this reason, we feel that the anchoring at the three host centers DESY, DKFZ and MDC is optimal to serve the entire imaging pipeline and jointly generate the greatest possible added value for the entire association. We are dedicated to making Helmholtz Imaging an internationally visible platform for imaging research.

Helmholtz Imaging is one of five platforms (HIDA, HIFIS, Helmholtz.AI and HMC) initiated by the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Incubator.

People of Helmholtz Imaging

Portrait Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Dr. Sara Krause-Solberg

Scientific Coordinator
Management Unit

+49 40 8998 5527

Portrait Dr. rer. Nat. Fabian Isensee

Dr. rer. Nat. Fabian Isensee

Head of Applied Computer Vision Lab
Service Unit DKFZ

+49 6221 42 2353

Portrait Dr. Philipp Heuser

Dr. Philipp Heuser

Head of
Support Team at DESY


Portrait Deborah Schmidt

Deborah Schmidt

Service Unit "Helmholtz Imaging Solutions"

Portrait Paul Jäger

Paul Jäger

Head of Interactive Machine Learning Group

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Christian Schroer

Prof. Dr. Christian Schroer

Helmholtz Imaging spokesperson

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Klaus Maier-Hein

Prof. Dr. Klaus Maier-Hein


Portrait of Prof. Dr. Thoralf Niendorf

Prof. Dr. Thoralf Niendorf