Published on 19.01.2024

The Helmholtz Imaging Roadshow comes to HZB

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Image: Alena Prudnikava, HZB

Helmholtz Imaging brings scientists and engineers in the Helmholtz Association together to promote and develop imaging science, and to foster synergies across imaging modalities and applications within the Association and beyond. Now, we are coming to HZB! Join our information session to discover the diverse activities offered by Helmholtz Imaging and become part of this dynamic community.

Explore our extensive support & imaging expertise portfolio

  • Get funding for your research on imaging: Every year we call for project proposals for research collaborations that are cross-Helmholtz Centers and cross-research-fields.
  • Get involved: Join the community via Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT, Collaborations, Helmholtz Imaging Support Hub and Solutions, and meet at Helmholtz Imaging Conferences, Schools & Trainings, Lecture Series, Best Scientific Image Contest, Hackathons and many other occasions.

During our information session, we will introduce Helmholtz Imaging to you – including our broad support and research portfolio – followed by a Q&A session with Helmholtz Imaging experts. The presentation will cover:

  • an introductory part (imaging along the whole pipeline, not fractured into Helmholtz research areas, our mission, what makes Helmholtz Imaging unique, etc.)
  • presentation of use cases (Helmholtz Imaging Support Hub tickets, collaborations, solutions, modalities, and a lot more)

If you have imaging-related questions, bring them along for on-site discussions. We’d appreciate a heads-up to prepare to talk about it on-site. Just send an email to Philipp Heuser with your question.

Do you need help with an image analysis task? Then join our HZB consultation hour on 7 March at 11-12 pm on Zoom. We invite you to come with an example of your data or task for a one-on-one consultation. No appointment needed. You’re welcome to email Ella Bahry prior with some details. Depending on your need and the task at hand, our support may continue beyond consultation and lead to a further collaboration. The meeting link is as follows: If you’re unavailable during this time but still interested you can open a ticket at

As part of our Helmholtz Imaging Roadshow, the Best Scientific Images of the 2023 contest will be exhibited on 19-29 February 2024. These images showcase the diverse and outstanding portfolio of Helmholtz in imaging, emphasizing the vital role of imaging science in solving major societal challenges. The call for images for the 2024 contest open. Submit your most fascinating images 23 February 2024 for a chance to win Best Image 2024:

We look forward to meeting you.

Please register here by 26 February 2024.

Best Scientific Images of 2023 exhibit on display at HZB

Visit the Best Scientific Images of 2023 exhibit in the HZB Auditorium lobby!

The exhibit will be on display until 29 February 2024.