Published on 06.05.2024

Welcome Dagmar Kainmüller as the New Spokesperson for Helmholtz Imaging

Photo of Dagmar Kainmüller

Helmholtz Imaging is thrilled to announce Dagmar Kainmüller, Head of Research Unit at MDC, as the new Helmholtz Imaging Spokesperson. With her significant contributions to imaging science and her ability to drive forward the boundaries of research, Dagmar is set to lead Helmholtz Imaging into a future filled with innovation and progress. “I am genuinely excited to embrace the role of spokesperson for Helmholtz Imaging,” Dagmar shared. “Our mission to act as catalyst for scientific discovery is a journey I very much look forward to leading. Together with our dedicated team and enthusiastic community, we will facilitate and streamline the pipeline from sensory measurement to knowledge, thus taking imaging-based discovery to the next level”, says Dagmar Kainmüller.

Dagmar succeeds Christian Schroer. He was the pionieering force behind the idea of Helmholtz Imaging, developed the platform application to a large extent and accompanied Helmholtz Imaging intensively and tirelessly until the very successful evaluation in 2023 and beyond. We are pleased that he will continue to support Helmholtz Imaging in his role as Center Coordinator. Christian reflected, “Handing over the spokesperson role to Dagmar marks a proud moment. Reflecting on Helmholtz Imaging’s growth has been a journey of dedication. As a Center Coordinator of Helmholtz Imaging, I’m grateful for leading our community and eager to support Dagmar. Embracing the pleasures and duties of this role, I’m certain that she will be a dynamic force in advancing our mission, breaking new ground in imaging science and fostering innovation. To a future filled with promise and possibilities!”

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Christian for all his transformative work and outstanding commitment to shaping Helmholtz Imaging. We congratulate Dagmar on her new role as voice of Helmholtz Imaging and leading us into the next chapter of Helmholtz Imaging. Together, with Dagmar’s fresh perspectives and Christian’s ongoing support, the future of Helmholtz Imaging is set to be bright, promising to unlock new opportunities in the realm of imaging science.