Published on 03.04.2024

Revealed: The HI Love Bot was an April Fools’ Joke!

Decorative image to reveal that HI Love Bot was an April Fools' Joke
Image: ChatGPT


Remember that incredible HI Love Bot we announced? Well, we are very sorry to inform you, but we had you there for April Fools’ Day!

While robot-powered matchmaking might be a futuristic dream (for now!), the amazing network of imaging experts within the Helmholtz Association is very real.

To all researchers who are still looking for their scientific soulmate, don’t fret! Here’s your chance to find your perfect match in real life:

So ditch the (fictional) HI Love Bot and get ready to connect with real researchers at the conference!

Helmholtz Imaging Conference: Where scientific connections are made, not manufactured.