Published on 07.11.2023

nnU-Net Paper: Among the Top 10 Performing Papers in Nature Methods

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Image: Damiano Lingauri on Unsplash

AI-driven image segmentation continues to be a prominent focus of interest in the scientific community. nnU-Net, the cutting-edge tool from Helmholtz Imaging, has made significant strides. Notably, our paper on nnU-Net, published in Nature Methods in 2021, has accumulated an impressive 2,155 citations, which surpasses 3,200 when factoring in the preprints. This achievement reaffirms its significance, ranking it among the top 10 performing papers in the journal Nature Methods over the last four years.

However, nnU-Net’s impact extends beyond citations. With over 4,200 stars on GitHub and up to 300 daily downloads, it remains a valuable resource. In the medical field, nnU-Net has been a game-changer, as evident from its role at MICCAI, where it supported 9 out of 10 challenge winners in 2020 and 11 out of 15 in 2022.

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