Published on 06.12.2022

Solutions – the new category of Helmholtz Imaging Modalities

Image: Philipp Heuser, DESY, Helmholtz Imaging

Add your Solutions for any imaging related challenge to Helmholtz Imaging Modalities and link it to your profile, instruments, modalities and scientific applications! 

Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is the one page collecting the imaging universe of the Helmholtz Association, from satellites to synchrotrons, from world leading imaging experts to uprising PhD students. You are exploring, taking or working with images? Go to Helmholtz Imaging Modalities, login with your institutional credentials, create your profile, add your instruments and imaging modalities and become a member of the Helmholtz Imaging Network

New is that you can also add your software, your dataset or your protocol to the site now, and link it to your profile, your modalities and your instruments. Find partners for solutions for the grand challenges in science, and get found as a partner with expertise on and access to the most exciting instruments and scientific applications in the Helmholtz Association.

Join us today to complete the public picture of the Imaging Expertise in the Helmholtz Association. For any questions relating to Modalities, contact