Published on 14.08.2023

Incubator Summer Academy II

Decorative image to promote the Incubator Summer Academy

Once again, the five platforms Helmholtz.AI, Helmholtz Imaging, HIFIS, HIDA and HMC have teamed up to create a second edition of the Incubator Summer Academy on 18-29 September 2023! We have designed a joint program with a variety course packages covering state of the art Data Science methods and skills, as well as networking opportunities in our Summer Academy Gathertown space!

Ranging from fundamental course packages as for instance “Python”, or “Introduction to Scienctific Metadata” to advanced topics as “Machine Learning Based Image analysis”, the program offers participants to select course packages that best suit their experience levels and interests.

The Incubator Summer Academy is open to all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the Helmholtz Association. Additionally, a small number of seats in our workshops are reserved for Master students, doctoral and postdoctoral students from other research institutions and universities.

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