Published on 17.05.2024

Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024 Recap

Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024, Heidelberg, May 14-15

We’ve just wrapped up another successful edition of the Helmholtz Imaging Conference, held from May 14-15, 2024 at Frauenbad in Heidelberg, and we’re excited to share some highlights. This year, we continued to build on the strong foundations of collaboration and innovation that define our community. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants who contributed to the enriching discussions and knowledge exchange.

Conference Kick-off

Following the introduction by Dagmar Kainmüller, Helmholtz Imaging’s spokesperson, setting a warm welcoming tone for the conference, attendees enjoyed a series of engaging thematic sessions focusing on the latest advancements in image analysis, and data acquisition and image formation, as well as applications of imaging technologies in a variety of scientific fields.

Inspiring Keynote Sessions

Keynote speakers this year included Zeynep Akata from TUM, Helmholtz Munich and Helmholtz AI, who delved into interpretable vision and language models, Joost Batenburg from University of Leiden, who discussed the development of real-time imaging pipelines for tomography, and Guido Grosse from AWI, who explores the dynamic world of Arctic permafrost, emphasized the importance of permafrost as an organic carbon storage and outlined how to build a foundation model to effectively calculate and visualize the global carbon budget of vegetation and soils. Their insights provided profound perspectives on the future of imaging technologies and their potential impact on research, society and industry.

Scientific Exchange and Networking

The conference featured interactive sessions, such as our all-new “Bring Your Own Imaging Challenge” format, where participants shared their imaging challenges with the community for a potential solution, as well as insightful and engaging poster presentations. The atmosphere fostered a fantastic networking opportunity, allowing new contacts to be made, new collaborations to be formed and existing ones to be strengthened.

Recognition and Forward Look

The event also included the much-anticipated “Best Scientific Image Contest 2024,” celebrating the aesthetic and technical aspects of scientific imaging. Congratulations to all the participants and the winners for showcasing their fascinating contributions. Discover all winning images in our news article.

As we close this year’s conference, we are energized by the passion of the imaging science community and their shared enthusiasm for advancing imaging science. We eagerly look forward to the next year’s conference, where we will continue to explore the incredible potential of imaging science.

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To relive the conference experience, you can explore this collection of photographs in the gallery below. The photos were taken by Jörg Modrow.

A special thank you to our speakers and session chairs:

  • Keynote speakers: Zeynep Akata, Joost Batenburg & Guido Grosse
  • Speakers: Daniel Abele, Pascal Dominik Bohleber, André Colliard, Wolfgang Giese, Kristina Giske, Sylvio Haas, Johannes Hagemann, Chandrabali Karmakar, Valentin Korbinian Koch, Riccardo Massei, Paul Morocho Jaramillo, Erik Riedel, Andreas Schropp, Johannes Seiffarth, Kseniia Volkova & Tak Wong
  • Chairs: Martin Burger, Fabian Isensee, Dagmar Kainmüller, Klaus Maier-Hein & Christian Schroer