Published on 02.05.2024

Helmholtz Imaging Newsletter Issue No. 15

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Dear Imaging Enthusiast,

We are excited to share with you the latest issue of our newsletter, featuring fresh updates and key highlights from our recent activities and sister platforms. In this edition, we also include a new group photo from our last Helmholtz Imaging retreat. Dive into the fascinating realm of imaging with us as we explore the content in this issue together!

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A personal note from us:

Do you have an imaging challenge, no matter how big or small? We’re here to help you, free of charge. Contact us via our support hub. 

Also, if you haven’t yet, join our network of experts, modalities, instruments, and facilities! CONNECT with us.


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Alina Blume, Avi Putri Pertiwi, Chengfa Benjamin Lee, Spyros Christofilakos and Dimos Traganos from DLR, and Global Seagrass Watch

Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024: Last Call – Submit Your Poster Abstract by May 3

Join us on 14-15 May 2024 for our 4th Helmholtz Imaging Conference in Heidelberg where we will delve into the world of imaging research and collaboration with colleagues, friends, and like-minded people! The deadline for poster abstract submissions is Friday, May 3, 2024.

Why should you join us?
• Gain insights from leading experts in the field, including Zeynep Akata from TUM, Helmholtz Munich, Joost Batenburg from Leiden University, and Guido Grosse from AWI.
• Present and solve imaging challenges in collaborative discussions as part of our new session format “Bring your Own Imaging Challenge”. Submit your imaging challenge to with “BYOIC” as the subject. This session also serves as a matchmaking event for the new Helmholtz Imaging Projects Call
• Connect with peers and explore collaborations within the imaging community. 
• Enjoy a comprehensive program covering topics such as image analysis, data acquisition, and visualization.
• Join the award ceremony for the best image 2024, and explore the exhibit showcasing the unique imaging portfolio of Helmholtz.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the world of imaging science. 

Register & submit your poster abstract

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New Call for Helmholtz Imaging Projects 2024: Apply by July 30, 2024

The new call for Helmholtz Imaging Projects is now open! Submit your proposal by July 30, 2024 to receive funding for your collaborative, cross-disciplinary research project at the intersection of imaging and information & data science. Starting June 1, 2024, project proposals can be submitted via our project portal

Don’t miss our virtual information meeting on May 23. Additionally, we offer matchmaking opportunities both online on Mattermost and in person at our Helmholtz Imaging Conference on 14-15 May in Heidelberg. 

At the conference, take advantage of our new session format “Bring Your Own Imaging Challenge” to pitch your imaging challenge, discuss it with our imaging community, and find potential collaboration partners. Submit your challenge to with “BYOIC” as the subject. 

Apply now for funding for your Helmholtz Imaging Project & join our information session on May 23

DALL·E, MRI image of a human knee, integrating artificial intelligence features

Helmholtz Imaging Receives Funding for Two Projects under the Helmholtz Foundation Model Initiative

The Helmholtz Association is investing 23 million euros in research focused on AI foundation models, aiming to transform vast amounts of research and imaging data into powerful scientific discovery tools. We are thrilled to share that Helmholtz Imaging is part of the transformative Human Radiome Project and the Synergy Unit!

With Dagmar Kainmüller & Paul Jäger, Helmholtz Imaging is proud to contribute two of the driving forces behind this initiative. Congratulations to all involved for their hard work and dedication. We are excited about this opportunity to contribute to such impactful research, and explore what’s possible with AI in imaging.

Learn more about the two projects spearheaded by Helmholtz Imaging, the Human Radiome Project and the Synergy Unit 


Lena Maier-Hein wins German Cancer Award 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Lena Maier-Hein, Head of Intelligent Medical Systems at DKFZ, Managing Director of NCT Heidelberg & Helmholtz Imaging’s Center Coordinator at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), won the German Cancer Award for “translational research” for her pioneering work in the development of AI-based imaging methods for oncological surgeries. Lena develops AI-based methods that offer a new type of intraoperative imaging that displays both the structure and function of tissue in real time. The use of AI could thus optimize procedures during surgery and improve treatment quality for cancer patients. Congratulations, Lena!

We also extend our congratulations to Michaela Frye, Head of Mechanisms Regulating Gene Expression at DKFZ, for her award in “experimental research”; to Claus Rödel, Director of the Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology at the University Hospital of Goethe University Frankfurt, for his achievement in “clinical cancer research”, and to Stephanie Stock for her Special Award in “Health Services Research”. 

Read more about the award and all the honorees

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Knut Sander

Meet Helmholtz Imaging

Say hello to Helmholtz Imaging team members at the following events:

News from our Sister Platforms

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HIDA Lecture: Contextualizing LLMs

Join HIDA as we explore the significance of generative AI in shaping public discourse, government and the arts. Discover opportunities for action through technology assessment, promoting inclusivity and shaping our future. 

Register now for the lecture on May 07

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Explore the HIFIS training program for 2024

Check out the HIFIS course program on Research Software Engineering for 2024! A year packed with 22 courses awaits many participants from all Helmholtz centers. All scheduled courses can be found in the HIDA-maintained course catalog. We cover a broad range of topics from beginner to advanced, including various aspects of Python programming, research software publication or Continuous Integration and automation.

Also never hesitate to have a look at our workshop materials and Helmholtz Cloud services!

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HMC Annual Project Call 2024: Apply now

The 2024 call for HMC projects is open! Submit your proposal by June 25, 2024 to receive funding for your cross-center, interdisciplinary research project that addresses practical challenges in the field of metadata generation and data enrichment.

Visit our information event on May 16 to find out more about the call, exchange project ideas or to find your project partners.

Read more 

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Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Introducing HeSIE: Helmholtz’s dynamic initiative designed to stimulate “bottom up” transfer and enable it “top down”

The Helmholtz School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HeSIE) aims to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into professional training and career development at all Helmholtz Centers. HeSIE seeks to demystify terms like “Innovation,” “Value Proposition Canvas,” and “USP,” offering clear pathways and effective methods that support every step of your innovation journey.

Next workshops: 

  • Researcher’s Roadmap to Customer Value (May 6, 1 – 5 pm (CEST), free of charge)
  • What is a Business Model? (Jund 3, 9:30 – 12:30 pm (CEST), free of charge)

Learn more about HeSIE and explore their workshops

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Apply for the 1st Summer School on Research Software Engineering at KIT

Join the inaugural Summer School from September 23 to 27, 2024. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills in collaborative coding, software publication, continuous integration, or documentation as code, this event promises a comprehensive learning experience.

Applications are now open! Don’t miss the May 17, 2024 deadline to apply. Secure your spot and be part of this journey, designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Dive into the world of Research Software Engineering this September at KIT. Apply by May 17. 

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New publications

FISBe: A real-world benchmark dataset for instance segmentation of long-range thin filamentous structures by Lisa Mais et al.

nnU-Net Revisited: A Call for Rigorous Validation in 3D Medical Image Segmentation by Fabian Isensee et al.

Discover all publications by Helmholtz Imaging

Job openings

Forschungszentrum Jülich
Postdoc in AI with HPC – Advancing Earth Observation through Foundation Models

Helmholtz Munich

PostDoc in “Detecting changes in Southern Ocean biogeography”

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