Published on 17.11.2023

Best Scientific Image Contest 2024

Decorative image

The call for the Best Scientific Image 2024 is open. Submit your captivating scientific image(s) by 23 February 2024 for a chance to win Helmholtz Imaging Best Scientific Image 2024, and valuable prizes totaling 5000 EUR!

We would like to build on the success of the image competitions in 2021, 2022, and 2023, where the winning images travelled across Germany highlighting the remarkable portfolio of the Helmholtz Association in imaging and the contribution of imaging science in addressing major societal challenges.

Images eligible for the competition can be:

  • The outcome of any imaging technique developed or applied at Helmholtz Centers.
  • Artistic compositions resulting from the combination of various images.

Accompany your submission with a clear, informative and engaging description, providing context on the scientific significance, uniqueness, and origin of the image.

Participation is open to all individuals working at a Helmholtz Center.

A distinguished international jury will evaluate entries based on scientific merit, originality, and the artistic or visual impact of the image.

The winning images will be prominently featured at the Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024 on 14-15 May in Heidelberg, and shared with the public, media, and scientific institutions. Additionally, 12 selected images will be showcased in the Helmholtz Imaging calendar 2025, and the top 20 images will participate in a traveling exhibition displayed in various Helmholtz Centers and beyond.

Aside from the Jury Award your images have two additional opportunities to be recognized:

  • Public Choice Award: The entire imaging community will vote for their favorite image.
  • Participants Choice Award: Participants of the Helmholtz Imaging Conference will choose their preferred image.

Save the date for the award ceremony at the Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2024 on 14-15 May. Join us for this exciting event. Stay tuned for more information.

Prepare your image(s) and submit them via our Imaging Contest Portal!

We thank our donors Siemens Healthineers and Zeiss for their generous support in providing prizes for our image contest.