Published on 10.02.2023

AI-Perspectives: New series of events

Decorative image for the AI Perspectives Forum
Image: DESY

What is AI Perspectives?
AI Perspectives is a new series of events that explores important questions in the field of AI addressing specialists of various disciplines from the natural sciences, the humanities and the arts.

Where? DESY, Hamburg as part of the Annual Conferences of Helmholtz Imaging and Helmholtz AI
When? On Wednesday, 14 June 2023


AI is everywhere. Also at DESY. High time to launch its interdisciplinary research forum AI Perspectives focusing on AI and reflecting the trans- and interdisciplinary field that is Artificial Intelligence. We at DESY are interested in looking at the innovative field from a variety of different angles and discuss them with the public. This is why DESY sets up an interdisciplinary research forum on AI.

The research forum will be divided into two different events: an academic workshop seminar as well as a public panel discussion in the evening with the invited public. Participants are primarily young academics and artists, scientists and philosophers working in the field of AI. For the evening event the public is invited to join in the conclusions and preliminary results of the workshop session earlier in the day and pose their own pressing questions to the interdisciplinary group. The workshop seminar will be conducted in English, while the evening event will be in German.

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: More information will follow soon.

AI Perspectives is initiated by CDCS, DASHH, DESY, Helmholtz Imaging and Jari Niesner.

The illustration for AI Perspectives was created by the artificial intelligence DALL·E 2. DALL·E 2 is an algorithm that can create realistic images and artwork from a description in natural language.