Published on 10.02.2023

AI-Perspectives: Call for Participation

Decorative image for the AI Perspectives Forum
Image: DESY

What is AI Perspectives?
AI Perspectives is a new series of events that explores important questions in the field of AI. Divided into two dialogue formats, AI Perspectives addresses specialists of various disciplines from the natural sciences, the humanities and the arts in the form of an interdisciplinary one-day workshop followed by a thematic discussion evening for the general public.

The illustration for AI Perspectives was created by the artificial intelligence DALL·E 2. DALL·E 2 is an algorithm that can create realistic images and artwork from a description in natural language.


Topic? “Explainable AI – When do we blindly trust in AI?”
Where? DESY Hamburg
When? On Thursday, 20 of April 2023


AI is everywhere. Also at DESY. High time to launch its interdisciplinary research forum AI Perspectives focusing on AI and reflecting the trans- and interdisciplinary field that is Artificial Intelligence. We at DESY are interested in looking at the innovative field from a variety of different angles and discuss them with the public. This is why DESY sets up an interdisciplinary research forum on AI.

The research forum will be divided into two different events: an academic workshop seminar as well as a public panel discussion in the evening with the invited public. Participants are primarily young academics and artists, scientists and philosophers working in the field of AI. For the evening event the public is invited to join in the conclusions and preliminary results of the workshop session earlier in the day and pose their own pressing questions to the interdisciplinary group. The workshop seminar will be conducted in English, while the evening event will be in German.

Specific topic for this first edition: “Explainable AI: When do we blindly trust in AI?”

In the workshop session we will focus on questions of trust regarding AI decisions and how they can be achieved through multiple ways. “Explainable AI” or “XAI” is a form of AI which humans are able to understand. How can we make AI decisions plausible? How is plausibility connected to our concept of trust? … In the workshop session we will have the time to dig into these and other questions related to the dynamic development of AI technology as well as our theoretical knowledge of AI.

Target Group

For the research workshop (in English):

  • Science and Technology (STEM): PhD, ScD or Postdocs level
  • Art (visual and media art, theater, literature, music)
  • Society and Ethics (humanities)

For the evening panel discussion (in German):

  • Public
  • Participants of the workshop
  • The panel discussion is supposed to be as generally understandable as possible to include a broader audience.

Workshop details

From all entries 12 people will be selected to take part in the workshop seminar where they will have the opportunity to present their current field of work and discuss it in a confidential setting with selected experts.

The research forum will be moderated by Jari Niesner, interdisciplinary artist from Hamburg. He will also moderate the panel discussion in the evening. A handful of the participants, who must be fluent in German, will have the further opportunity to present their work on the stage. Chosen exponents will be contacted before the workshop starts in due time.

Additionally, there will be a reader with texts related to the first edition’s topic “Explainable AI” (under consideration of the respective submissions by all participants), provided electronically to all in preparation for the forum discussions.

For all participants there will be food and drinks provided. Travel costs will not be reimbursed.

More information (including timetable and application details)

Apply by 12 March 2023!

AI Perspectives is initiated by CDCS, DASHH, DESY, Helmholtz Imaging and Jari Niesner.