Best Scientific Image Gallery

More than just fat by Paul A. Morocho Jaramillo (AG Sawamiphak), MDC

Published on 14.06.2024

Best Scientific Image Contest 2024

Once again, we invited the Helmholtz community to showcase their exceptional imaging capabilities. This year, we received 127 high-quality images. View the top selections in our virtual gallery where the best 20 images of 2024 are featured!


Lung Health and Immunity by Lin Yang from HMGU_Main Image

Published on 12.07.2023

Best Scientific Image Contest 2023

In 2023 we called again for the Best Scientific Image. 162 high-quality, stunning images were submitted by the Helmholtz community. Discover the best 21 images in our virtual gallery!


The monkey's fiber architecture revealed by Polarized Light Imaging by Markus Axer, FZJ

Published on 14.12.2022

Best Scientific Image Contest 2021

The call for Best Scientific Image 2021 resulted in more than 100 submitted images that demonstrate the outstanding portfolio and imaging expertise of the Helmholtz Association. Discover the best 20 images in this virtual gallery!


Europe in winds (1st Place, Jury Award)

Published on 13.12.2022

Best Scientific Image Contest 2022

For our Best Scientific Image 2022 call we received again more than 100 images that showcase the outstanding expertise in imaging in the Helmholtz Association. Discover the best 22 images of 2022 in this virtual gallery!